Girl Scouts & Diesel

Wendy was given the incredible opportunity to attend the Girl Scouts of WI’s 2017 Career Day at Milwaukee Area Technical College! She assisted in the Diesel Mechanics department where she explained to the girls in the simplest way why oil is so important to the trucks.

A short compilation of the day can be found on our YouTube channel HERE

A longer explanation of oil & its importance can be found HERE

One of Wendy’s lifetime goals is to help get youth into alternative careers and to make the trades popular again. Our country is coming into a “Trades Crisis” with very little fresh talent entering the field to fill the positions of those retiring. Our infrastructure¬†and manufacturing will begin to suffer greatly because of this.

“I think if people realized what type of living they can make and how much employers are willing to invest in¬†the education of skilled workers, they would flood the field. The trades have become a forgotten option or there is the stigma of ‘blue collar’ and ‘dirty’ associated with them. No one is telling these kids they have other options rather than accruing tens of thousands of dollars in college debt from four year universities to study in fields they mostly likely won’t be hired into.” – Wendy

Do you know a young adult interested in a career in the trades? Have them reach out to us for potential scholarship options.

A big thanks to MATC, instructor Bob Rudolph, and the Girl Scouts of Southern WI for letting us take part in this fun day!